Spring Inside


Last week we celebrated the first day of Spring. A day we’ve been waiting for, for quite some time. The temperatures are still cool and we are itching to get outside and get our hands in the dirt. Lately I have been reading planting/soil journals, picking out seeds and planning my garden. But until then we celebrate Spring inside with bright pink tulips, chocolate chip cookies and cheerful new knitting projects.


IMG_4447 IMG_4454

Checking things off

I had a good weekend, did you?

A few days ago my husband and I made a to-do spring/summer check list for house projects. This weekend we started on some of the tasks.


Don’t you love the look of fresh mulch, I wish it would stay that way.

I also planted some lettuce…finally!

And of course I had a little knitting time, too. My tropical breeze is coming along nicely.


On my knitting needles

On Friday I started a new knitting project. It’s a light, lacey spring/summer scarf, and I am really enjoying this new pattern and was lucky enough to start knitting it before the release date!

The pattern is called Tropical Breeze and it’s designed by Kara from Nice and Knit. This is my third pattern i am knitting that is designed by her and so far I am really enjoying it.



This scarf is knit on size 5 needles and knit with lace weight yarn.

All of Nice and Knit’s patterns can be seen/purchased here.



I am knitting mine up with Classic Elite Silky Lace in Midnight Forrest.

Birthday spring weekend

I had a great birthday weekend. My husband and I were able to spend some time together and we had a lot of fun, just the two of us.





I love the change of seasons. After work I like to take in the last few moments of daylight out in the yard. I love seeing the signs of spring in my landscaping beds and new buds shooting forth.






Pinwheel wreath

On Friday I needed to take a break from my knitting and my front door was looking very bare since I took down the Christmas wreath, some months back. I had been thinking of some ideas for a spring wreath and this is what I came up with.


12″ styrofoam wreath
colorful scrapbook paper
sewing pins (plain and colorful topped)
vintage sheets or fabric of your choice

1. Cut stripes of vintage sheets about 1 1/2″ wide and several inches long. Pin one end and wrap around the wreath. I alternated fabrics, but you can use the same fabric if you want. Continue wrapping until all the styrofoam is covered; pinning as you go.

2. Next, make your pinwheels.
2a. Cut a square piece of paper. I did 3 different size pinwheels, so I cut three different sized squares.
2b. Fold the square in half both ways to make a X.

3. Cut on each fold about 1/2″ from the center. But do not cut all the way!
3a. Now, bring every other cut piece to the center of the square and pin all 4 pieces together.

4. Then, stick the pinwheel with the pin poking through the back into the styrofoam wreath. Use a pretty ribbon to hang the wreath on a wreath hook.