Rope Basket Sewing

First inspired by SouleMama and then Kris, I found myself constantly thinking about rope basket making.  I had it in my mind that “I need to do that!!” So  I set out to the local hardware store for some regular clothesline and then the fabric store for some demin strength sewing needles.  That’s about really all you need for this project, oh, and a lot of thread.  Like, a ton of thread, they use up quite a bit.  I was hooked on basket sewing. Something rewarding and quick and so fun.  Even more fun was finding places for all the baskets.  One for my sewing notions, one to hold my seed packets, one for wooden blocks, and of course one giant basket to hold my very favorite yarns.



tutorial here

Bathroom shelf- ‘before & after’

I have never been a fan of how I had this green wire shelf decorated in our bathroom. I just could never make it look the way I wanted.

Before- blah, boring and plain


After- fun, bright and fresh


Ahhh….much better. I replaced the painting for some mini vintage juice glasses ( which I used as vases). Then I picked up one bunch of silk flowers. They have done fun fall colors out right now. I really like these cute little ball flowers- it was exactly what I was looking for. I picked a bright color so it would stand out.


Then to add some cheer and bright colors I made a mini half-moon bunting. I had all supplies on hand and the fabric I had been wanting to use for some time.



DIY Soap Dispenser

A few weeks ago my Dad and I went to Brimfield antiquing. I was my first time going and I can’t wait to go again. I picked up some blue glass mason jars with metal tops to make a soap dispenser out of it.

First drill a hole in the metal top a little smaller than the diameter of the soap pump.


Then insert the soap pump so it fits snug. Then cut the tip so it fits in the mason jar.


Lastly fill with soap and screw on metal top. So cute!



Thanks for helping me, Dad!

DIY fabric wrapped frame

I did this cute craft the other day.
Hot glue gun
Vintage old frame


1. Gather some cool, bright summery fabric.


2. Cut skinny strips of fabric.


3. Start wrapping the fabric around the frame- hot gluing as you go. Alternate the fabrics as you go around the frame.


4. End result: a cute crafty frame. I’m not quite sure what I am doing with mine yet; maybe I’ll somehow use it for Josh’s graduation party this weekend.




Pinwheel wreath

On Friday I needed to take a break from my knitting and my front door was looking very bare since I took down the Christmas wreath, some months back. I had been thinking of some ideas for a spring wreath and this is what I came up with.


12″ styrofoam wreath
colorful scrapbook paper
sewing pins (plain and colorful topped)
vintage sheets or fabric of your choice

1. Cut stripes of vintage sheets about 1 1/2″ wide and several inches long. Pin one end and wrap around the wreath. I alternated fabrics, but you can use the same fabric if you want. Continue wrapping until all the styrofoam is covered; pinning as you go.

2. Next, make your pinwheels.
2a. Cut a square piece of paper. I did 3 different size pinwheels, so I cut three different sized squares.
2b. Fold the square in half both ways to make a X.

3. Cut on each fold about 1/2″ from the center. But do not cut all the way!
3a. Now, bring every other cut piece to the center of the square and pin all 4 pieces together.

4. Then, stick the pinwheel with the pin poking through the back into the styrofoam wreath. Use a pretty ribbon to hang the wreath on a wreath hook.

Antique doily table runner

Last year I saw a great idea using antique/vintage doilies.  All you need is several doilies in various sizes and a needle with thread that matches the doilies.

First lay out the doilies how you want them. Then simply sew them together using a needle and thread. So pretty and elegant to dress up a table or bedroom dresser.


Idea seen here.






Vintage sheet vase

A relative of ours recently had surgery. Instead of sending tulips in just a plain glass vase , I decided to do something a little different.

You will need:
Small scrap vintage sheet or fabric
Mason jar
Tulips or flower of your choice

Cut two pieces of fabric about 12 inches long by 1 inch wide. I love crafting with vintage sheets (by sheets I mean bed sheets)

Then simply tie around mason jar, and fasten with a double knot. Fill with water and arrange tulips. So simple but it adds the perfect touch to a spring bouquet.