Day 5

There’s nothin like coming home, unpacking and sleeping in your own bed, is there?

Our last day was spent having a pancake breakfast with  everyone and then heading out to the  beach. The kids even got to go for a tube ride in the bay at high tide. And no beach day is complete without an epic sandcastle being built.

We had a really great week and lots of memories made. 

Just the 5 of us went out to dinner in wellfleet harbor and then out to ice cream. It was the cherry on top for the week!

Day 3

Wednesday started with a donut birthday breakfast for Joelle. Can’t believe she is 4!

We went on a bike ride but I got sick half way through and had to turn back. The rest of the day I spent sick with the stomach bug in the camper. The rest of the group rode to Coast Guard Beach, and stopped for lunch along the way.

Day 2

The day started with a slow morning hanging at the campsite then having french toast for breakfast with friends. It was an overcast sky when we left but then it ended up being perfect.

We ended the day with a steamer, sweet corn and lobster dinner with everyone at the site.

Eclipse Day

Day one- 
We arrived Sunday evening and set up our site. 

Monday morning we went to get our sand permit. While we were waiting for inspection a friendly lady gave us a few pairs of glasses to watch the eclipse. Perfect beach day and so neat to see the eclipse. 

Hello again

October was the last time I wrote, seems like so long ago but yet it went so quickly. The kids have had more than their share of sickness this past winter season and we are more than ready for Spring to arrive.

We visited Florida in January as a family of 5 and now looking back on our time spent there really makes us yearn for the warm sun on our faces that much more.



Jared (2017 senior)

I had the privilege of taking my cousins pictures the other week. I have a vivid memory of holding him on the living room couch when he was just weeks old and now he’s planning to go away to college and completing his last year of high school!

Wishing you all the best Jared!img_1349img_1343img_1059img_1132