Last Week [happenings in the garden]




April, a little early to get things going in the garden, but so much hope and anticipation for the growing season to start.  Some bags of compost rototilled into the soil happened this week to get the soil prepped for little seedings that I plan on starting inside this week. I went a little crazy and picked up strawberry plants at the nursery (36 plants to be exact!). It’s always exciting to grow something new in the garden. The garlic is growing nicely and seems to be quite big already so early in the season. The asparagus is shooting through and being the 3rd year of planting, it’ll be the year of the first harvest! And, that, is just so exciting.

Chickens! we got chickens! Something we have been talking about for a while now and decided it was a good time to start a little flock of four. We have had pigs before, but kept them down the road a my uncles so this is our first experience with ‘barnyard’ friends right here in our backyard and its a little nerve wracking, kinda just winging it as we go. So far, so good!

On the list to get done this week is perhaps plant some blueberry bushes and to get lettuce, radishes and snap peas in the ground.

Happy start of the growing season friends!


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