Things Jaiden Says

Every time Jaiden comes out with another hilarious comment I always tell myself ” I gotta write that down…” So I started a little journal titled ‘JAIDEN SAYS’ and decided to share some here…


“We don’t have time to fiddley winks, we got to get to work”

“I will never say I like you, I will only say I love you”

During an apt with Dr. Stewart you kept interrupting because you had so much to say and finally he told you he had the floor and that he was the man of the room.  A couple seconds later you told him “Actually, God’s in charge”

One night when putting you to bed you called me back to your room and said “My world is great!”

At the mall one day you kept saying to everyone you passed “Hi, my name’s Jaiden, whats yours” they would tell you their name and we would keep walking. Finally I asked you why you needed to ask everyone their name and you said “Well in case I see them again I’ll know who they are”

“I’ve got this all under control”

2 thoughts on “Things Jaiden Says

  1. Mom Bahler says:

    Carole this is the very best post!! I always say the same thing to myself when he is with me. I just love what he comes up with!! Such a sweetie pie


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