Roger Bear

I think I might be Nice & Knit‘s biggest fan.  I love all things Nice & Knit. Their yarn, their patterns, their products, etc.  So, when they ask me to test knit a new pattern the answer without thinking or skipping a beat is, YES! Roger Bear is a pattern designed by Betsy.  Not only is she a talented photographer but she is a talented knitter and now knit pattern designer.


This sweet bear, Roger Bear, was just the absolute cutest, sweetest little thing I ever did see.  I choose to knit a Tillie, with a cute bow tucked in right by her left ear.



I just can’t get enough of my sweet Joelle and her little knit snuggle. I initially had made this with the intention of gifting it to my little niece, Kate, but Joelle just couldn’t part with it.  Luckily one skein provides enough for two cute cuddle bears.


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