Jaiden is a 4 Year Old!

I often think of the day Jaiden was born.  It was unplanned, unexpected and full of unknowns.  After a day of monitoring he was taken by c-section and immediately brought down to the NICU.  It was a hot July day, about 100 degrees. But, yet little Jaiden was in an incubator to keep warm. I often think of that and how fragile he was those first few days. He was such a little peanut, only 4 lbs. and now I look at him, 4 years old and just smile at who he is today.  Such a friendly, happy boy who is quite a character!


IMG_5108 IMG_5090 IMG_5096 IMG_5097^^ a fishing pole!! ^^IMG_5095happy birthday to my best boy, we love you more and more each day! xoxo


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