Rope Basket Sewing

First inspired by SouleMama and then Kris, I found myself constantly thinking about rope basket making.  I had it in my mind that “I need to do that!!” So  I set out to the local hardware store for some regular clothesline and then the fabric store for some demin strength sewing needles.  That’s about really all you need for this project, oh, and a lot of thread.  Like, a ton of thread, they use up quite a bit.  I was hooked on basket sewing. Something rewarding and quick and so fun.  Even more fun was finding places for all the baskets.  One for my sewing notions, one to hold my seed packets, one for wooden blocks, and of course one giant basket to hold my very favorite yarns.



tutorial here

One thought on “Rope Basket Sewing

  1. Jane Moser says:

    These look like soooo much fun that I am seriously thinking about trying one. You are such an inspiration to me…Grammy


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