Christmas Sweater in March

The calendar may say March but it sure feels like December still.  Right now the snow is falling once again.  It seems as though the snow will be on the ground for quite a while longer.  Jaiden has been keeping warm with his Christmas sweater.  I started this back in the fall time and never finished until Christmas time so hence the it became named the “christmas sweater”.

I took these of Jaiden early one Sunday morning.  We had woken up to another storm with several inches of snow added to our already huge piles.  Josh was out shoveling.  Jaiden was chilly and wanted to get on his warm sweater. HE loves wearing it, its warm and not at all itchy. He sat quietly on the floor and read his new book, bed head and all.




Pattern: Ana by Cirilia Rose  Yarn: Nice and Knit worsted in Kelp  Size: 2 year  Needles: US size 6 and 7



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