Sunday afternoon hikes

Yesterday it really felt like fall.  We got our wool hats and coats on and went for a walk at Soapstone Mountain.  We took the short hikes up to the lookout tower.  Jaiden often wondered off from the trails, going on what he called ‘nature hunts’.  He said he was looking for dear and sticks.   Little Joey happily went along in the backpack, but it was more windy and cold than we thought, so soon it was time to head back.  But, the best part of Sunday afternoon hikes? Knowing there is a hot pot roast waiting for you at home in the oven.

IMG_3292 IMG_3295 IMG_3302 IMG_3305 IMG_3308 IMG_3312 IMG_3315 IMG_3318 IMG_3321 IMG_3329Happy Monday everybody 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon hikes


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