4-H Fair

Jaiden and Joelles Aunt Kaylee was showing her dairy cow in the 4-H Fair today!  We were so excited to see her.

Kaylee  was all smiles as she walked her cow over to the barn…


All the girls nervously waiting their turn to show their cows! The day they all have been waiting for after working so hard to get to this point.IMG_2816

She’s not looking one bit nervous!


Finally it was her time to show!

First place for Miss. Kaylee.  Good job!!!

IMG_2837Jaiden even got a tiger painted on his face. Rawrrrrr!! The highlight of his day making scary tiger noises and acting like a tiger!



It was a fun and beautiful day with friends! IMG_2846

Joelle was such a good girl and loved all the animals.


2 thoughts on “4-H Fair

  1. Great gramma says:

    Kinda proud of KJ😜She did so well and looked so cute! Lucky to have you taking such good pics.Keep on enjoying your darling children because before you blink your eye they will be in 4H themselves.


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