VT Summer Vacation

Last week up in Vermont…

IMG_2480 IMG_2486 IMG_2488 IMG_2491



Most days we spent lounging by the pool. Heidi came up with us to help with the kids, which was awesome.  The week was filled with sunshine and temperatures in the 90s which is pretty unusually hot for Vermont.  We defiantly lucked out in the weather department!


IMG_2516 IMG_2518 IMG_2522 IMG_2537A couple afternoons we enjoyed Jay Peaks Pump House- an indoor water park. It hardly felt indoor though; the ceiling opens up so you can enjoy the sunshine while having fun inside.  Jaiden just loved going down the slides.  He’s such a little goof ball- always trying to climb up the slide backwards.  Such a big boy doing it all by himself!

IMG_2540 IMG_2553While Joelle was napping one afternoon so we took Jaiden to Big Falls.  The water wasn’t even too chilly because of how warm it had been.  They played in the waterfalls and  swam by the rocks.  I sat by and watched.

IMG_2566 IMG_2568

IMG_2572 IMG_2573 IMG_2581




IMG_2604The later part of the week was spent with friends who came up for the 4th.  Sparkles, campfire, s’mores, kite flying, trucks playing, playing tag, parade going…we had a fun fill day!

Such awesome memories with friends and family!





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