In the Garden: week 6












This week we are seeing the plants grow before our eyes.  Things really seem to shoot up this week.  The lettuce is ripe and ready to eat- all of eat.  I only got one spinach that took this year- not really sure why.  But plenty of red leaf, romaine and green leaf to go around and share with friends and neighbors. Plenty for us too. I’m working more than usual this week and dinner around here have been easy meals, like BLTs the other day.  Josh headed out to the garden to get some lettuce for our sandwiches the other night.  It ended up being a pig pile in the grass between harvesting the lettuce.  It was such a lovely evening, sometimes it feels good just to lay in the grass, if only for a few minutes.

I love seeing the baby  yellow squash, mini cukes and teeny tiny tomatoes.  Soon, so soon they will be ready! And all with the help of my watering boy- lately his new favorite job.  Joelle’s takes spot by the cuke lattice.  Such a dolly playing peek a boo behind the strings.  Such good helpers I have!

last week in the garden


2 thoughts on “In the Garden: week 6

  1. Mom Bahler says:

    I love the garden pics!! I also love the part about having enough to share!! I believe you said FAMILY & friends


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