Chasing Bubbles while climbing Dirt Mountains


I happily watched my kids having some good old normal kid fun this morning.

There was just the right amount of wind to chase bubbles.  The new bubble maker sure beats blowing into a little wand only to get a few bubbles to come out.

The top soil load that daddy delivered early this week has been Jaiden’s new favorite thing to drive his trucks through, jump in, dump shovel loads in various places throughout the yard, and made him Hoffman Roads latest  “king of the dirt mountain”!

On the other hand Little Miss red-head, two-teeth Joelle loves to sit there watching every move her big brother makes.  She happily strolls around in that little walker of hers and tries to scoot away before Jaiden comes and gives it a little push to send her down the driveway. She laughs and he does it again.

Bubbles and dirt made for two happy and very dirty kids today.

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