Florida: Part Two


Sharing more of our FL trip.

Sunday afternoon pool and playground fun:IMG_0823 IMG_0837 IMG_0846 IMG_0885 IMG_0935 IMG_0940 IMG_0942


One day just Jaiden and I had a Mommy/Son date.  We played in the sand, watched the dolphins jump in the waves, ate lunch on the picnic tables by the water, collected pretty shells, chased the waves, and we even had ice cream cones!

IMG_0952IMG_0958IMG_0963 IMG_0968IMG_1008 IMG_0972 IMG_0982 IMG_0984 IMG_0988 IMG_0998 IMG_1014


And lastly, most days were spent in the pool with Auntie Kaylee:
IMG_1023 IMG_1033 IMG_1050


2 thoughts on “Florida: Part Two

  1. Sheila says:

    Your pictures at the beach with Jaiden are awesome!
    And boy, not only is Jaiden a mini Josh, but Joelle is a mini you!!


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