Pretend Play

IMG_9423 IMG_9425 IMG_9429 IMG_9431 IMG_9437 IMG_9445 IMG_9459

Boys, they just love making a mess, right? The more messy the more fun it is.  While the outdoor temperature was in the single digits, Jaiden gathered up all his trucks and trains, a jar of peanuts and the Moon Sand and made quite the mess on my kitchen table.  Besides plowing with his Dad for a couple hours he stayed in most of the day.  To say the least by 4 pm the kids and I were going a little stir-crazy so I’m glad he found something to entertain himself with.

I watched him play, watching his face.  The face he makes when concentrating so hard to roll out the sand with the roller. His short little fingers running his Bobcat through the ‘dirt’ and hearing the little sounds come from his mouth. I love the random jar of peanuts too. He walked over to the freezer and found something he liked and ate half the jar.

Hope you all had a lovely snow day and are staying warm!

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