Outdoor Boy

Jaiden is such an outside boy- no matter the weather, no matter how he’s feeling.  The other week we had a bad case of croup, which landed us in Children’s Hospital early Saturday morning.  After some breathing treatments and a steroid medication he was feeling much better- but not cured.  It hung on well over a week.  It was a long week.  We pretty much just stayed home, took lots of naps, played and just tried to get better.  The Drs. told us that the cold air was good for croup and according to Jaiden that was the best medicine yet.  Seeing how our house is still somewhat of a construction zone (the outside anyways) he really enjoys playing outside even more.  Whether he has toys out there or not, he is just as satisfied wandering around exploring.  I love to watch him.






Thankfully Miss. Joelle only got the sniffles while Jaiden was sick.  She is doing so good, eating quite a bit (as you can tell) and a great sleeper at night.  Jaiden just loves her too, which makes me feel good, too.  The other day I pulled out some hand knits I made before she was born.  Here she is wearing the Seed Stitch Baby Cardigan.  I think I waited a little too long to dress her in this- her cubby little belly stretches it out a bit and the sleeves are a little short.  But, she doesn’t seem to mind much!


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