Concrete, Dirt and Dumptrucks…

Even though we just broke ground about a week or so ago, I feel like we are really coming along. This is largely due to the fact that we have such awesome family and friends that come and help us tremendously on the weekends and evenings. I am so thankful for this. Many hands make it go quick(er). With that said, we hope to have the framer there by the middle of this week- soon I’ll be calling it ‘the house’ instead of ‘the lot’ 🙂

At this point there isn’t a lot for me to do besides provide food for meal breaks and things like that- which really is the least I can do! But before I know it, I’ll be knee deep in paint, picking out fixtures, etc. which is really exciting to me and something I look forward too.






Jadien and Uncle Scott in the bulldozer




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