FO: Sheep Hat

Another little knit for baby on the way. This little lambie hat was such a quick knit and it was fun to knit. The body is trinity stitch, which I had never done before- but nothing like a YouTube video to learn a new skill. The head and ears where knit separate as well as the tail and then stitched on. I love how the ears are not knit completely onto the hat and stick up a little.

Sheep Hat by Renee Lorion from 60 Quick Baby Knits/ needle: size 3 and 5/ yarn: Cascade 220 superwash in Aran, Green Apple and Walnut Heather/ size 6 months

Modifications: went down one needle size for hat and 2 needle sizes for head, ears and tail.

ravelry page

6 thoughts on “FO: Sheep Hat

  1. Hi. I am just knitting this beauty and I am confused as to how it works. There are no ‘making new stitches’ so the hat is getting smaller and smaller. Any ideas where I have gone wrong?


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