One day at a time

It’s days like today when you stay in your PJs until noon, where the laundry doesn’t get done, where you snuggle on the couch with your little one,  where you just let everything else be. It’s nights like last night when you let your little one come lay with you (right in the middle) because he’s burning up and just not feeling good.  And its time like this when you appreciate your husband that much more for going to the drug store at 11pm and being such a hard uncomplaining worker.

So as a parent I have to realize there are going to be days where it’s ok to just let everything else go and just care for your little one. – and today I’m OK with that.

this was the two of us yesterday- a beautiful day.  We enjoyed a picnic in the backyard and soaked up the warm sun.  Funny how days can be so different from each other, isn’t it?



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