FO: Center Row Lace Headband

So, I started this little project on Friday and a few short days later I had a finished “headband”.  The pattern calls it a headband, but I made it to be used as ear warmers.

Project notes:
Pattern: Center Row lace headband/ neck warmer
Yarn: Malabrigo yarn Arroyo
Colorway: Purpuras
Skeins: about 1/4 of a skein
1. did increases for a total of 37 stitches (pattern calls for 27)
I did this because I was using sport weight yarn and not aran like that pattern calls for
2. began decreasing at 12″
I did this because other knitters said it was a little loose and I wanted a snug fit so it wouldn’t slip off

Button closure on the back:

Thanks for coming up to shoot some pictures Heidi. Little did you know I would be making this into your birthday post too….Happy 18th!!!


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