New look and other random happenings…

So sorry that I’ve been silent here on the blog for a few days. I guess I’ve been just too tired at night to work on blog things. Saturday was hang out day with Kelly.  She a wiz at all things computer and she gave my blog a spiffy update. In what took her minutes, I would have spent all week trying to figure out….so thanks for that! I changed my line too, mainly because I got a “real” camera and wouldn’t just be taking pictures solely with my iPhone anymore.


I’ve started some Christmas knitting and with snow coming to Connecticut today it’ll get me even more in the mood to cozy up and knit on the couch.  I have a few projects in mind for gifts, but nothing too serious.  So the next few projects I share I won’t be giving much details about so I don’t spoil any Christmas present surprises.


I hosted potluck on Friday night and made some burlap silverware holders. My good friend Amanda gave some to me as a gift when they were here last month.  I decided to try and make more and now I have a set of 12.  I plan on posting a DIY tutorial soon.


Cute boy in the woods


Stay warm, the snows coming!

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