Asunder: FO Pics

I finished Asunder by Lisa Mutch a couple weeks ago. I didn’t like how I blocked it the first time so last week I reblocked it and am so glad I did!

I finished my deadline and was able to wear it to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s wedding on Saturday! I’m glad I had this warm soft shawl wrapped around my neck on this very chilly day!!



As you can see from the above shot that this shawl is quite large. The only modification I made was decrease the main dropped garter stitch section from 8 repeats down to a total of 5 repeats. I’m glad I did because even after decreasing the shawl is still plenty big and wrapped around my neck nicely without looking small at all.

I’m already thinking of my next color combinations 🙂

My Ravelry project page

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