FO: Pembroke Vest

Since I have been lying low this weekend due to my surgery I’ve been able to get some knitting done. On Monday I finished Pembroke Vest designed by Kristen Kapur. I’m excited for Jaiden to wear this vest to Brad and Amanda’s wedding this October.

Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo
Colorway: Indecieta
Needle: size 4 ( I was supposed to switch to a larger needle size after the ribbing but forgot, so the whole vest was knit in size 4)
Modifications: did back of vest in stockinette. Pattern called for same cable pattern as the front but I thought it would be too much cables.
Size: 12 months
Seaming: mattress stitch
Buttons: 2, purchased at Creative Fibers


Button detail- left shoulder


Front- so many cables!!




Overall I like the finished product but I don’t like that it’s short and boxy. I think I’ll pick up stitches along the bottom ribbing and add some length that way.

I’ll get some model action shots once I find pants and shirt to go with it.


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