Finished Tropical Breeze

So, I made my deadline and finished Tropical Breeze on Friday. I love working with this lace yarn and equally loved the pattern. I can’t wait to wear this lacey, airy scarf. I know I will wear this often and am very pleased with it. I highly recommend this knit!

I especially love the FO pictures. Thank you Kara for taking these awesome shots. She got some great ones of Jaiden too- but I’ll show those another day. It was a fun little, spur of the moment photo shoot.

Project Details:
Tropical Breeze Scarf
Classic Elite Lace: Midnight Forrest
Size 5 needle
Pros- light, lacey, quick knit
Con- slightly itchy yarn

Ravelry page here.
Purchase pattern here or here.

Thanks again, Kara 🙂 I always enjoy your patterns


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