Pinwheel wreath

On Friday I needed to take a break from my knitting and my front door was looking very bare since I took down the Christmas wreath, some months back. I had been thinking of some ideas for a spring wreath and this is what I came up with.


12″ styrofoam wreath
colorful scrapbook paper
sewing pins (plain and colorful topped)
vintage sheets or fabric of your choice

1. Cut stripes of vintage sheets about 1 1/2″ wide and several inches long. Pin one end and wrap around the wreath. I alternated fabrics, but you can use the same fabric if you want. Continue wrapping until all the styrofoam is covered; pinning as you go.

2. Next, make your pinwheels.
2a. Cut a square piece of paper. I did 3 different size pinwheels, so I cut three different sized squares.
2b. Fold the square in half both ways to make a X.

3. Cut on each fold about 1/2″ from the center. But do not cut all the way!
3a. Now, bring every other cut piece to the center of the square and pin all 4 pieces together.

4. Then, stick the pinwheel with the pin poking through the back into the styrofoam wreath. Use a pretty ribbon to hang the wreath on a wreath hook.

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