DIY Pansies and Easter egg planter

It has been so nice here in CT these past few days.  I have spring fever and its making me want to do all sorts of fun, outdoorsy things.

I know Eater is still about a month away, but I was itching to dye some Easter eggs this past weekend.  So I had my in-laws over for dinner and we did eggs afterward.



I have been thinking about a fun DIY craft for all the baby food jars I have been saving.  I bought a six pack of multicolor pansies at a local nursery and separated them so I had 6 separate little plants.  Then I put a little potting soil in the bottom of each jar.  Lastly, I “stuffed” a pansie into each jar (they fit a little snuggly into the jars, but it didn’t damage the plants).  After, I arranged colorful dyed eggs around them and placed them on an antique chippy-paint tray.  So cute and quick!




This DIY planter brightens up my kitchen and reminds me that Spring has finally sprung! Happy Spring everyone.


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