Tasty recipe

This past week I tried out a new recipe.  I love new recipes, and love them even more when they are quick, easy and delicious.  This chicken picatta recipe is exactly that!

1. Gather all ingredients

2. Separate yolks from whites. Discard yolks and place egg whites in shallow bowl. Place bread crumbs on plate.

3. Coat each piece of chicken in egg whites and then bread crumbs.

4. Cook chicken on medium high heat until no longer pink.

5. Set chicken aside and keep hot.  Melt the butter and then combine chicken broth, lemon juice, wine and reserved lemon halves.  Boil until reduced by half.

7. Lastly add the capers. I served each piece on chicken over a bed of angel hair.  I poured the lemon/caper sauce over the top with a slice of lemon.

Quick and better yet…delicious!

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