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5: it’s a big deal

Jadien; “Mom, when’s my birthday?” Me: “July 19th” Jaiden: “Oh is that soon?” Me: “Yup, pretty soon.” Jaiden: “Who’s coming to my party, I want like everyone to come to my party!” ….. Weeks before Jaiden’s birthday, he started asking about his party. Soon to be a 5 year old, it was a really big… Continue reading 5: it’s a big deal

in the garden

this week [happenings in the garden]

Several times during my pregnancy with Morgan I contemplated whether or not to put in a garden this year because of how busy I would be taking care of a newborn and two toddlers.  I decided to go ahead and plant one and just kept it on the smaller side than other years.  And, I… Continue reading this week [happenings in the garden]

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Morgan Lynn

It’s been just a little over one month since we welcomed Morgan into our family.  She arrived on June 3rd at 6:27 pm and weighed just an ounce under 7 lbs.  She looks just like her big sister Joelle and it looks as though we have another red head too!! She’s our little angel baby… Continue reading Morgan Lynn

in the garden

last week [happenings in the garden]

So much excitement in the garden! We were pleasantly surprised when we starting finding our first eggs! We were expecting them for another 2 weeks, so it was so much fun looking in the coop and seeing an egg here and a couple more the next day. Joelle was wandering around the strawberry patch and… Continue reading last week [happenings in the garden]

in the garden

last week [happenings in the garden]

No sooner did we get our chickens, did a hawk swoop down and get one. It was quite traumatic for Jaiden and I and we decided the best thing to do was replace it. It was a quite week in the garden for the most part. We enjoyed our first asparagus harvest and it was… Continue reading last week [happenings in the garden]

in the garden

Last Week [happenings in the garden]

April, a little early to get things going in the garden, but so much hope and anticipation for the growing season to start.  Some bags of compost rototilled into the soil happened this week to get the soil prepped for little seedings that I plan on starting inside this week. I went a little crazy and… Continue reading Last Week [happenings in the garden]

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Collecting and Processing: Part 2

Continued from Tapping: Part 1.… 1. Collecting: So now that you have identified, tapped and waited for the sap to flow its time to collect.  We utilized a 55 gallon food grade plastic drum to store our collected sap in. We collect about every day and funnel the sap into the drum.  Sap can usually… Continue reading Collecting and Processing: Part 2